The Rewind: Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

by | Nov 27, 2020 | PTSD

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The Rewind technique was created by Dr. David Muss to treat people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. He has for the past 20 years held the position of Director of the PTSD Unit at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital, Birmingham and is Founder of the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy.  Patients of Dr. Muss have included victims of violent crime and sexual assault, and survivors of serious accidents and combat situations.  He also worked in Rwanda treating victims of the atrocities of the 1990’s.

Dr. Muss now devotes himself to training as many professionals as possible in The Rewind technique.  Over the past few months I have completed one of his courses, and I am delighted to be able to add this highly effective technique to my portfolio.

About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Anyone can have an experience that is overwhelming, frightening, or beyond their control.  Police officers, the fire service and paramedics are more likely than most to experience a traumatic event.  Soldiers on active service may be shot or be the victims of an explosion. They may see their friends and fellow servicemen and women killed or injured.  Seeing horrific things can be just as bad, or worse, than experiencing them ourselves.

In time, many people come to terms with their traumatic experiences without the need for professional help.  But for others, a traumatic experience can set off a reaction that lasts for months or years. The Royal College of Psychiatrists uses the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to describe this.

The Rewind Technique

The Rewind is a safe, fast and effective way of helping people overcome their emotional response to a traumatic event.

The Rewind aims to:

  1. Stop the involuntary recall of traumatic events.  These include experiencing nightmares, hallucinations and flashbacks, often in a strong and physical way.
  2. Stop avoidance behaviour
  3. Help you get back to a normal life

The Rewind can help:

  • Survivors of a traumatic event
  • Those who have been onlookers of a traumatic event
  • Emergency Services workers
  • The families of a victim of a traumatic event

The Rewind provides you with a ‘filing cabinet’ in which you can put your memories of the trauma and lock it with a key.  You hold the key.  So you are in control of when you want to revisit the traumatic memory.  Rather than the traumatic memory revisiting you, uninvited.

The client learns how to implement The Rewind at their first appointment.  Many clients report a positive difference from the very first session.

Recall of the trauma will now not come back to you against your will. Even if you come across a reminder of it.  You might feel as if it’s returning but The Rewind will stop it.  You will no longer experience nightmares, flashbacks, or hallucinations.

Benefits of The Rewind Therapy:

  • Closure Without Disclosure.  You do not have to share details of the event, or even say what it was.  This means that you can retain your dignity and privacy.
  • No need for a formal diagnosis of PTSD.  An ‘Impact of Events Scale’ is used to determine whether The Rewind technique is appropriate.
  • No need to meet face-to-face. The Rewind technique can be practised through an online video call
  • Fast results.  The therapy usually works very quickly. Most clients only need two or three sessions.

The Rewind does not involve hypnosis.  It is a standalone therapy developed specifically for those suffering from PTSD.  Psychological coaches and hypnotherapists can practise the Rewind Technique once they have trained and qualified, at the Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy founded by Dr Muss.

Sometimes, once PTSD has been overcome, other issues come to the surface. The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I practise can often help with these.

2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us. Mental health professionals are concerned there will be an increase of PTSD due to traumatic events experienced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  I hope that by being trained and qualified in The Rewind technique I will be able to help clients recover from PTSD successfully.

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