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I love to learn and to expand my experience, both personally and professionally. So, last month I was delighted to attend the 2-day ‘The Best You Expo’ in London.

What is The Best You Expo About?

The Best You Expo is all about personal development and health and wellness. It included some of the top names in the health and wellness industry, including Paul McKenna, Judy May Murphy, Marie Diamond, Bernardo Moyà, Jason Vale and many more.

The main topics were:

• Living better lives
• Creating a better world
• Managing stress and anxiety and Mindfulness

I attended workshops and talks on all aspects of personal development including nutrition, entrepreneurship, confidence, ageing, mindfulness, cures for phobias, female empowerment, breaking self-limiting beliefs, communication and much more.

I feel I have benefited from The Best You Expo in 3 ways:

  1. Connecting with likeminded teachers, therapists, coaches and experts in their field. It offered a fresh perspective and really helped me to bring all of my experience and knowledge together.
  2. Exploring the new – I picked up new ideas and tools for developing as a person. These included memory techniques, nutrition tips, feng shui and business tips.
  3. Passion for personal development and for helping to make the world a better place. So much passion for making a real difference and changing the world for the better! Helping to inspire a global and local movement to save and restore the oceans, abolish slavery and inspire our youth.The Expo has inspired me to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. Not only for my enjoyment but as part of an ongoing strategy for mental wellbeing.

    A Mental Health Strategy based on Learning

    Our brains are plastic. They continually remould neural connections as we learn and experience new things.

    Lifelong learning promotes better mental health and wellbeing

    Dr. Michael Merzenich, a leader in the field of neuroplasticity research, claims that we can constantly change the structure of the brain and increase its capacity to learn. His research demonstrates that if the brain is not challenged with new learning, its function can gradually erode over time, leading to decreased memory and cognitive function.

    If you’re feeling stuck or depressed, perhaps learning something new could help you. Learning can help to open up new neural pathways so that you feel mentally stronger and more able to cope with the challenges of your everyday life.

    Becoming The Best You

    If you’d like to find out more about personal development and how you can train your mind so that you can be The Best You – more positive and more confident – get in touch.

    And I would love to hear from you if you have thoughts or experiences around your personal development that you would like to share.

    Email me at

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