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Solution focused hypnotherapy

Helping you get your life back


Do you sometimes feel that you can’t cope?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you lack confidence?

Solution focused hypnotherapy

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I help my clients to overcome problems in their lives which are holding them back. These include stress and anxiety, and a lack of self-confidence.

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help you find the positive solutions you need so that you can move on in your life.

Psychotherapy helps you address underlying issues.   Without dwelling on your problems or painful past experiences.  My focus is on helping you to understand how your brain works, and how you can use it to change negative thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy helps you access your subconscious mind.  So that you become more receptive to positive suggestions and feel calmer,  more relaxed and more confident.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you discover new ways to approach the problems and stresses that you face. So that you can deal with them in a more positive way.  This therapy will help you feel more in control and better able to cope with the strains and stresses of life.

About Sarah Stanley

I’m Sarah, an experienced hypnotherapist, coach and former nurse. I help men and women just like you to understand how your mind works and find solutions to overcome life’s challenges and be ready to face a more positive future.

I work with a range of clients who face many different issues, from stress and anxiety to weight problems, from lack of confidence to alcohol addiction.

HOW can I help you?

chamomile flowers

Anxiety & Stress

Sunlight shining through the trees

Addictions & Unwanted Habits

A woman out in nature

Confidence and Self Esteem

Young woman sleeping on the grass

Sleep and Insomnia

Irrational Fears & Phobias

Field of wild flowers

Trauma & PTSD

Get in touch with Sarah today

These are just some examples of how I can help.  It is by no means a comprehensive list. Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation chat and we can discuss how I can help. 

Client Experiences

Wow this lady is a life saver in my eyes.  40 to 60 cigarettes a day I was smoking. With asthma. One visit and I have not had one cigarette. 14th March 2016 is a day I will always remember. Thank you Sarah x

Michelle, Horley

After a car accident I grew more anxious about driving and this went on for about 3 years. In a very short time I have regained the confidence to drive. it’s a new lease of life – I am elated and I cannot thank Sarah enough

Ann, Horley

I came to see Sarah about my difficulty sleeping alone. I had experienced this for as long as I can remember. Sarah identified that my problem was anxiety-related and after 6 sessions with her I can now sleep in my home alone without a second thought. The whole process was ridiculously easy.

Helen M, Horley

Seeing Sarah has made a tremendous difference to me. I am no longer hyper-vigilant where spiders are concerned. I don’t love them but I am not afraid of them. The effectiveness of the therapy has been tested several times this last week. Treatment has been liberating. I can recommend Sarah wholeheartedly.

Linda L, Horley

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Sarah for the excellent work she did with me to help combat my health anxiety.
Sarah is a fabulous lady who is so easy to talk to and is excellent in her field of hypnotherapy. I didn’t really know what to expect before I started to see Sarah but I’m so glad I did. After trying other ways to combat my anxiety Sarah has managed to work with me to feel a whole lot better. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anybody considering hypnotherapy. Once again Sarah thank you so much.”

Nick, Horley

“After completing two sessions with Sarah at her Horley practice I switched to online meetings, due to the coronavirus ‘Stay at Home’ guidelines.  I have since had 3 sessions through Zoom calls.  And I have found them fantastic!  I am more relaxed in my own space and I, therefore, go into a trance-like state more quickly, and it feels much deeper.

When Sarah first suggested that we should do the session over a Zoom call I wasn’t sure it would be as effective, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Going forward I will probably ask if I can stick with doing them this way.” 

Rosie, London


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