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The Best You

I love to learn and to expand my experience, both personally and professionally. So, last month I was delighted to attend the 2-day ‘The Best You Expo’ in London.

What is The Best You Expo About?

The Best You Expo is all about personal development and health and wellness. It included some of the top names in the health and wellness industry, including Paul McKenna, Judy May Murphy, Marie Diamond, Bernardo Moyà, Jason Vale and many more.

The main topics were:

• Living better lives
• Creating a better world
• Managing stress and anxiety and Mindfulness

I attended workshops and talks on all aspects of personal development including nutrition, entrepreneurship, confidence, ageing, mindfulness, cures for phobias, female empowerment, breaking self-limiting beliefs, communication and much more.

I feel I have benefited from The Best You Expo in 3 ways:

  1. Connecting with likeminded teachers, therapists, coaches and experts in their field. It offered a fresh perspective and really helped me to bring all of my experience and knowledge together.
  2. Exploring the new – I picked up new ideas and tools for developing as a person. These included memory techniques, nutrition tips, feng shui and business tips.
  3. Passion for personal development and for helping to make the world a better place. So much passion for making a real difference and changing the world for the better! Helping to inspire a global and local movement to save and restore the oceans, abolish slavery and inspire our youth.

    The Expo has inspired me to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. Not only for my enjoyment but as part of an ongoing strategy for mental wellbeing.

    A Mental Health Strategy based on Learning

    Our brains are plastic. They continually remould neural connections as we learn and experience new things.

    Lifelong learning promotes better mental health and wellbeing

    Dr. Michael Merzenich, a leader in the field of neuroplasticity research, claims that we can constantly change the structure of the brain and increase its capacity to learn. His research demonstrates that if the brain is not challenged with new learning, its function can gradually erode over time, leading to decreased memory and cognitive function.

    If you’re feeling stuck or depressed, perhaps learning something new could help you. Learning can help to open up new neural pathways so that you feel mentally stronger and more able to cope with the challenges of your everyday life.

    Becoming The Best You

    If you’d like to find out more about personal development and how you can train your mind so that you can be The Best You - more positive and more confident - get in touch.

    And I would love to hear from you if you have thoughts or experiences around your personal development that you would like to share.

    Call me directly on 07850 995869 or email me at sstanleyhypno@gmail.com

    For tips and ideas on managing and reducing stress and anxiety visit my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sstanleyhypno

    Not local to Horley? Skype consultations are also available.

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Do You Want Better Sleep?

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you sleep through the night without waking?
  • Do you wake up feeling refreshed?

    Sadly, for so many people the answer to these questions is NO!

    Sleep is the most important biological function. It affects everything. From your productivity to your health to your mood.

    Research suggests that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, increased risk of stroke, diabetes, depression and Alzheimer's.

    We all live increasingly busy and hectic lifestyles, Stress levels quickly build up. We assume that time we spend sleeping cuts into our productive hours. In reality, we are more productive when we have had enough sleep.

    How Full is Your “Stress Bucket”?

    We all have a metaphorical stress bucket that can easily become full. The more stress we experience, the more we add to our bucket. This stress bucket can have a negative impact on our emotional wellbeing, and our ability to sleep properly.

    When we go to sleep the brain normally reduces stress levels by using something called Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep.

    Unfortunately, REM is limited to 20% of our sleep pattern. So if there is a lot of perceived stress in your life, you quickly use up that 20% of REM. As a result, you may find that you wake up and struggle to return to sleep.

    How Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Can Help You Sleep Better

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help by enabling you to find a different way of thinking about life. It can help you to cope with stress more effectively. In this way, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help ease insomnia and help you achieve a quality night’s sleep.

    Top 5 Tips for Better Sleep

    1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekend.
    2. Keep your room dark. At least one hour before bedtime, dim the lights and turn off all screens. TV, laptop, phone.
    3. Keep your bedroom temperature cool.
    4. Avoid caffeine after 1pm. Also avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative and sedation is not sleep. Also, alcohol blocks your REM dream sleep, a very important part of the sleep cycle.
    5. Practise a relaxing bedtime ritual.

      I have helped many clients achieve better sleep.

      Get in touch to see if I could help you.

      Call me on 07850 995869 or email me at sstanleyhypno@gmail.com

      Not local to Horley? Skype consultations are also available.

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    Hello Winter

    Hello everyone

    I hope November is off to a positive start for all of you, as the clocks have gone back this month. This allows us to gain as much daylight in the waking hours as possible, however, it sometimes feels like a struggle to get out of our snug warm beds in the darkest of mornings.

    As all my clients will know that when we get good quality sleep every thing just seems easier, so I always encourage you to prioritise sleep, practice good sleep hygiene and relaxation.
    Despite all the research that consistently shows us the importance of sleep, there is not always enough helpful tips about waking up. so here are a few tips to help you wake up in a more positive way.

    1. Harness natural light to stop the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, adjust the blinds
    2. Don't hit the snooze button falling back to sleep will tend to make you feel groggier
    3. Have a big stretch in bed, research shows a big 'power pose' in bed will start your day much more positively, than all curled up.
    4. Freshen up, try adjusting the temperature on the shower dial
    5.Have an incentive, plan something for first thing that you really enjoy- breakfast, exercise, music ....

    To learn more or share your experiences or thoughts.
    Contact me directly
    Sarah 07850995869
    Email: sstanleyhypno@gmail.com

    Stay in touch for lots of inspiring tips & solutions to managing & reducing anxiety at my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sstanleyhypno

    Blog. Library Image: Doorway of Hope

    'Use it or lose it!'

    Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer holiday. It has been an amazing summer for me too, here at The Carlton Clinic. I am inspired so much, by the progress my clients continue to make.

    This autumn, I am looking forward to a training course with the legendary David Newton, founder of The Clifton Practice and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.
    It is without exception that clinical therapists must actively engage in learning & professional development to provide the best for clients.
    I am expanding my social media use too, although, I find this challenging, I am confident in my abilities to learn these skills.
    If we don't learn new skills we don't engage our brains plasticity, highly focused activities help to keep our brains in good shape.

    What do you plan to learn this autumn ?
    The power of brain training, means that the brain can not only learn new skills, it can actually restructure itself ,especially as we get older. Whether, you are trying to change a behaviour, overcome additions, learn a new skill or language. We can all harness the power of Neuroplasticity & rewire our brains.

    To learn more or share your experiences or thoughts.
    Contact me directly
    Sarah 07850995869
    Email: sstanleyhypno@gmail.com

    Stay in touch for lots of inspiring tips & solutions to managing & reducing anxiety at my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sstanleyhypno

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